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Power Yoga In Hollywood

She put Power Yoga back on the topic list for every magazine and TV show.Testifying of the benefits of Power Yoga with the body of a 20 year old (Madonna is nearly 53 now) and promoting a healthy lifestyle, Madonna is the new pop guru of Power Yoga.

This type of Yoga is a method involving synchronized breathing while simultaneously practising a series of Yoga postures. This process produces a raised heartbeat and internal heat which is said to clear and clean the internal organs and blood stream to detoxify muscles and organs. As this is a faster version of Yoga, it helps build up stamina and Ashtanga Yoga (Power Yoga) makes the body healthier and stronger with more muscle power.

Ricky Martin
Latino pop star Ricky Martin has also embraced Yoga, using it as a technique to restore inner peace and relaxation, practising a calmer type of Yoga (Traditional Yoga) than Madonna. He practises Yoga daily and is one of the few celebrities that do Yoga at home.

Meg Ryan
Actress Meg Ryan and her husband Dennis Quaid (also an actor) practise Power Yoga every day, at home. The actress had difficulty focusing on certain parts of her life and once her acting career took off she felt as if her life was being led for her.

She took up Power Yoga and this has helped her focus on what is important in life. Using Yoga as a technique for meditation is the most important aspect of practising Yoga for her. Being one of the first celebrities to practise Power Yoga, Ryan has always been interested in educating her audience about Power Yoga in interviews.

Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwyneth Paltrow is one of many actors who have dedicated their free time to practising Yoga.

Citing the benefits of Yoga everywhere she can, Paltrow has had a home studio built in her London home to practise Yoga and testifies that Yoga has made her a calmer and more centred woman.

Ashtanga Yoga (Power Yoga) Celebrity Following
Sting was the first one to embrace Power Yoga. He introduced Madonna to Power Yoga. Sting had a teacher called Danny Paradise (who's also a musician). In fact Danny has a record out which Sting and Paul Simon sing on. Sting is a yogi. He doesn't teach it, but he introduces so many people to it. Madonna is a very devoted student, a daily practitioner. Sting and Madonna are both incredible people in the way they run their lives. Their Yoga helps them prepare for the immense amount of work they have to do. Madonna got interested when she walked in on Sting when he was working with Danny Paradise. She tried it and she found "the breath", like in Sting's song "Every Breath You Take". These celebrities are human, they are on a journey like the rest of us and the yoga helps them to connect with their spiritual side.

Power Yoga has very much turned into an option for everyone who wants to tone their bodies and who want to be healthy in general. Celebrities and Power Yoga have graced almost every cover of each self-respecting magazine and stars have embraced Power Yoga and made it a popular thing to do more than a spiritual practice.

We are in quite a spiritual phase at the moment, but also a physical phase. When people experience a Power Yoga Class, they realize that the breath is the thing. And with the use of the victorious breath, or Ujjayi Breath, we can conquer the mind. For a lot of people they find that it's a system that helps them in a variety of ways. Sometimes they don't know what it was they experienced, but they do know that they went inward and saw something. They saw themselves. And they want to explore that a little bit more.

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