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Sumit Lal - As a teacher I have noticed that if the participants follow my diet tips, call me if they have food cravings or they have broken their diet plans wherein i can guide them, 95 % of the participants have lost 10 - 15 kgs in one month. There have been many cases of excess weight loss, where I had to tell the participants to drastically increase their diet!!

Power Yoga Sessions being conducted
at Yoga Addicts (Own Studio - Regular Batches)

Studio 402

Studio 402, Legacy,
4th floor, Behind Kaka Halwai,
(Near Parihar Chowk),
Pune - 411007.

Days and Time (regular batch at Aundh Studio):
Monday / Wednesday / Thursday : 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm.

Saturday & Sunday : 10 :00 am - 11:30 am.
Rs. 3000 per month for all sessions a month. (20 sessions , 30 hours of Power Yoga a month)
Rs. 2000 for two sessions a week. (8 sessions , 12 hours of Power Yoga a month)

These rates are applicable only in Pune where the studio is owned by me (Sumit Lal). The rates in Mumbai and abroad are higher.
There are NO Power Yoga sessions in Pune till
30 Sept 2018 since I am travelling.

All sessions include - Pranayama, Meditation, Traditional Yoga, & Pilates. All classes are for both WOMEN & MEN. There is NO separate ladies batch. All sessions are minimum 1 hour 30 mins.
Some sessions may extend longer. Those with prior commitments may leave early.

Diet Chart will be provided on demand. Incase a participant is looking to lose weight she / he will be guided by Sumit Lal accordingly.
The yoga studio is well-ventilated and its ambience brings an energizing and calming effect with lots of natural light and air coming in. The yoga studio is air conditioned. There is a changing room / wash room at the yoga studio. We provide yoga mats and water. However you are most welcome to carry your own yoga mat and water bottle.
Please keep your mobile devices on silent during class. Please carry a napkin for sweat. Do not practice power yoga on a full stomach. It is best to wait two to three hours after eating before beginning a session. You are advised not to consume any alcohol before the class. You are advised to wear sweat absorbent clothes (workout / sports wear) during the power yoga session.

Currently only the batches listed above are offered. Sessions will NOT be adjusted for missed classes.
Classes may be rescheduled or cancelled without prior notice. Incase classes are cancelled by Yoga Addicts you will be allowed to make up for the cancelled classes. Batches will be added as per team Yoga Addicts convenience. Batches may be terminated or put on hold if there is a lack of response. Incase a participant wants a full refund, if a batch is terminated or put on hold, the same will be provided.

New comers can attend one trial session for free and decide whether to join. Please note that some batches are over full. Please call and book a place in a class before attending the trial session. I might want to meet you to determine whether you can do the practice. Please note that you are not allowed to attend the trial session without booking a place in a batch.

Sumit Lal  DOES NOT conduct Personal Training / Private Sessions / One on One Sessions.

Sumit Lal  DOES NOT allow Fitness Professionals and Yoga Teachers in any of Yoga Addicts batches.
Sumit Lal conducts ONLY Evening Weekday & Morning
Weekend Batches.
Morning or Afternoon batches if any will be conducted by other yoga teachers hired by Sumit Lal - Owner Of Yoga Addicts.
Yoga Addicts reserve the right to refuse or terminate membership for classes.
You are also required to register online befo
re attending the trial session: http://www.yogaaddicts.in/registration.php

Who can join?
As a guideline, people who have never done any kind of exercise should perhaps practice a slower or gentler style of yoga to begin with. Someone who is more or less active may enjoy an active practice such as Power Yoga. It is all relative depending on the person’s present health and needs. Please feel free to further discuss this issue with team Yoga Addicts to see whether or not this style of practice would be beneficial for you. Incase you want to meet Sumit Lal for any specific queries, which cannot be discussed on the phone, please call and fix an appointment.

Incase you suffer from any medical condition please consult your physician before starting Power Yoga Classes.

Power Yoga Workshops at Mumbai, Singapore, London AND ANY OTHER COUNTRY / CITY are updated here. If dates and timings of the Workshop is NOT listed then the Workshops are not happening currently.

Yoga Addicts Studio
J P Road, Off Yari Road, Next to D-Mart,
Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai - 400061

Workshop at the above studio Of Power Yoga, Pilates, Pranayama, Meditation from 12 June 2018 till 12 July 2018 being conducted by Sumit Lal - NO VACANCIES IN THIS WORKSHOP, SO PLEASE DO NOT CALL AND ENQUIRE FOR THIS WORKSHOP.

Costa Rhu Condominium - Yoga Studio
1 Rhu Cross,
Singapore - 437431.
Workshop at the above studio Of Power Yoga, Pilates, Pranayama, Meditation.
(1 Aug 2018 till 30 August 2018).

Indaba Yoga Studio
18 Hayes Pl, Marylebone,
Central London,
London NW1 6UA, UK.
(5 Sept 2018 - 25 Sept. 2018)

Sumit Lal:
m: +91 9371003068

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Power Yoga Classes at Aundh (Near Parihar Chowk) being conducted by Sumit Lal more...
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