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Yoga Addicts is a brand owned by Sumit Lal for all those interested in Power Yoga. Power Yoga is a process in which you learn the limits of your body, then learn how to expand those limits, a little further each day, until you are evolving and

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What is Power Yoga, and how is it different from every other type of yoga you've seen, read about, or tried? Power Yoga is a unique, dynamic system of movement based on the body's innate movements. It is uniquely suited for the twenty-first century because it starts big, it moves fast, it offers a challenge, and it eases you, almost imperceptibly, toward more serene control of your inner and outer being.

The History of Ashtanga Yoga (Power Yoga)
As the story goes, the Ashtanga Yoga system was reconstructed from a mysterious manuscript written on a bundle of palm leaves, the Yoga Korunta. This collection of verses on Hatha Yoga was discovered in the 1930's by yoga master and Sanskrit scholar Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya and his disciple K. Pattabhi Jois while researching Sanskrit texts at a Calcutta university library.

The manuscript is dated to be between 500 and 1,500 year old.
Krishnamacharya and Jois translated and reconstructed the Ashtanga Yoga series (originally there were six sequences of postures) and Pattabhi Jois, with the encouragement of Krishnamacharya, took the instructions as the basis of his practice and teaching. Ashtanga taught by Pattabhi Jois is a form of Hatha Yoga which focuses on asana (posture) and pranayama (breath control).

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Some people call this Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in order to distinguish between Patanjali's eightfold system and the Ashtanga Yoga.
Our Power Yoga Classes are closely modeled on the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga style of practice.


Traditionally, yoga has always been taught in a way that poses are held for long periods of time, with rest between each pose to allow the body to adjust to the changes the pose has effected on the body. Holding poses is a valuable way to practice yoga. It builds strength in and applies pressure to particular parts of the body.

Everyone knows life is stressful these days, but how often do we recognize the effects of stress on our own internal rhythms? I'm talking about your pulse, your heartbeat, your breath, all the rhythms and movements associated with being alive.

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Each of us has a very personal, individual rhythm that is right for us, but the frantic rhythm of modern life is often louder and more insistent than our internal rhythm. One way to work toward better health and well-being is to learn how to tune out the incessant rhythms of an obsessed and fast-paced culture, at least for a little while each day, and get back in touch with our own, individual rhythms.


A train must move to do its duty, and humans, too, must move to fulfill their destinies. In order to reach these folks, to awaken them to the stillness within them, we have to start with movement. It is the language they speak. It is the language of the world in the twenty-first century. Movement is also the language of Power Yoga.

Power Yoga is a moving, flowing yoga that affects every corner of our beings in a natural, non-competitive way. We stimulate, strengthen, stretch, twist, juice, focus, and balance every gland, organ, vessel, muscle, joint, and bone in our bodies.

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