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Do the Power Yoga!!

Are you wondering about how to fit in those snug pair of jeans? Get ready to stay fit with Power Yoga and fit in your jeans & tank tops too!!!

Power Yoga is fast becoming a popular form of exercise to fight obesity and lose weight. Power Yoga can help you burn calories and discover the real power of Yoga power if you want a shapely body or shed those extra pounds.
Read on to know more about Power Yoga.

What is Power Yoga?
Power Yoga is also known as Dynamic Yoga.
The Power Yoga trend started emerging during mid 1990s. As the name suggests, 'Power', Power Yoga is fast paced and a strenuous exercise. Ashtanga Yoga was re-invented in the form of a technique called Power Yoga.

The core of Power Yoga is Ashtanga Yoga. The stress on fitness makes Power Yoga different from other forms of Yoga. This technique of Power Yoga can be used for a heavy work out. It does not have any fixed poses to be followed. The poses may differ according to the teacher or instructor. It gives more importance to strength and elasticity of the body.

Instructions for Power Yoga
Power Yoga can be practiced by anyone who enjoys exercising. However, pregnant women must consult their doctors to take up any form of exercise. Apart from pregnant women, on a general basis, seek help from your doctor or a Power Yoga Teacher to know whether it will suit your body or not. Power Yoga has to be practiced on an empty stomach. You can enjoy it more by practicing with your family, children or friends.

Here are some tips which you should keep
in mind while practicing Power Yoga:

  • Wear sweat absorbent clothes.
  • Stay comfortable
  • Seek guidance of a professional as it involves
       difficult poses
  • Concentrate completely on each pose
  • Follow a proper series of exercise while performing it
  • Avoid over doing it or exerting yourself.
      Slow but steady must be your Power Yoga mantra.

    Benefits of Power Yoga
    Yoga in any form provides health benefit. Health conscious individuals of any age can enjoy the benefits of Power Yoga. You can start teaching Power Yoga to your child so that he or she will be able to develop a good physic at an early stage.

    Here are some great benefits that Power Yoga provides:

  • Weight Loss
  • Removes body toxins through sweat
  • Heals disorders like acid stomach
  • Helps getting rid of obesity
  • Increases the calorie burning capacity of body    (metabolism)
  • Helps coping with asthma, cancer, bronchitis, insomnia    and sinus
  • Helps to deal with hypertension and menstrual disorders
  • Increases stamina, strength and flexibility of body
  • Improves blood circulation and immune system
  • Improves concentration and self-control

    Power Yoga is not only about achieving excellence with different poses, it is also a method to achieve an excellence of mind. It is a beautiful way to gain a perfectly fit and healthy body. If you have been wondering about how yoga can help you stay in shape, here is the answer. You are just minutes away from a healthy trim body. Get... set... Power Yoga!

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