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Master of Your Thoughts



Most of you have probably heard or read about creative visualization. Some of you have perhaps tried it. The idea is that by visualizing a mental image of a desired object or situation, you can attract it into your life. In this way you can change and shape your life, behavior and circumstances.

This means using the power of thoughts, but thoughts alone are not enough for creative visualization. Some additional ingredients are required to energize the thoughts into action. These ingredients are you feelings and emotions.

What makes you take action, a cold uninteresting thought, or one charged with emotion? When you listen to a lecture, which lecturer rivets your attention, someone who talks in a boring, listless manner, or a lecturer who talks with zest and emotion. What rivets your attention in a Power Yoga Session or a guest lecture in your MBA…..or when you meet a total stranger for the first time - which one leaves a stronger impression on you - a cold, dull person, or one full of energy and enthusiasm? Or my personal favorite : which character do you admire more - the listless, robotic Shahrukh Khan of 'Ra One' or the charismatic, energetic Shahrukh Khan of the latest 'Don'…… (that is assuming you have seen the movies.....)?

People, actions and thoughts charged with emotion make a stronger impact. Thoughts that are charged with emotional energy are the ones that affect you more, and drive you into action. Feelings and emotions energize your thoughts and fill them with power.

Thoughts resemble the waves of the ocean, which are always in a state of motion, never standing still. The mind, which attracts and produces thoughts, finds it hard to stand still. It always thinks about whatever it sees. It likes to compare, analyze, reason, and to ask questions. It never stops or rests, even for a short while.

Everyone's mind automatically accepts certain thoughts, but filters out and rejects others. This is the reason why some people occupy their minds with thoughts about a certain subject, while others don't even think about this same subject. It seems as if everyone possesses a different mental filter.

Why some people are attracted to football and others to cricket? Why some love and admire a certain singer and others don't? Why some people think incessantly about a certain subject, and other never think about it? It is all due to this inner filter.

Everyone is thinking and producing thoughts. It is as if we are living in an ocean of thoughts. We constantly pick one, let it pass through our minds and then pick up another one. It is like catching a fish from the ocean, throwing it again to the water and catching another one.

It is freedom when you can choose your thoughts. It is freedom, when you
are able to decide which thought to accept, and which one to reject.

Controlling the flow of thoughts may seem to be an infeasible fit, but training the mind, performing concentration exercises and practicing meditation, gradually lead to this ability. The mind is like an untamed animal. It can be taught self-discipline and obedience to a higher power through proper training. This training leads to peace of mind and mental mastery.

Emotions and feelings energize thoughts, the same way that electricity makes electric instruments work. In order for a thought to act and manifest, it needs something to give it life and energy. Feelings and emotions are this something. If your desire is strong, then you can generate enough emotional energy.

However, sometimes the emotional power you manifest is not enough. At times you many need or desire something, yet you cannot generate enough power. In these cases you need to strengthen your emotional energy.

When your thoughts are charged with emotional power they are transmitted to the surrounding environment. They are even picked up by other people, who will consequently help you bring your thoughts into reality.

Thoughts evoke feelings, and feelings evoke thoughts. Our habitual thoughts influence the way we feel, and our feelings influence the way we think.
There is always an interaction between thoughts and feelings. Learning to take advantage of the combined power of thoughts and feelings can take you a long way toward achieving your goals.

Just a thought…:)

Why Little Things Hurt a Lot


All of us have over-reacted to a situation. All of a sudden, we feel like whatever is happening is just too much. Such overreactions tend to happen when something causes us to experience an unpleasant feeling such as anger or fear, only we experience it much more powerfully than can be justified by the situation.

Memories and emotions from the past are activated when a current event resonates with them. For example, if you were driving down the road and an old song came on the radio, just hearing it would bring up memories of the past with no conscious effort on your part. Perhaps you’d have flashes of an old relationship or of a specific time in your life such as a vacation. Your memories might even contain the emotions and feelings associated with them. (It happened to me today while I was driving…….)

Your body reveals its particular weaknesses when you’re experiencing stress, the way a weak link in a chain opens up when the chain is stressed by being pulled from both ends. Some people respond to stress by getting headaches, others may experience skin problems, while still others may lose the ability to concentrate or remember.

Our bodies respond immediately when the level of stress is reduced. To illustrate, let’s say the chain in our example is being stressed by having tension applied on both ends. What would happen if we removed the stress from even one end? It would go limp. If there were a weak link starting to give way, it would close up again. In the same way, as you remove this stress from your system, your body is better able to heal and protect itself from disease.

Depression, Frustration & Money Making Machines - Shrinks
DEPRESSION IS BEST UNDERSTOOD AS A MESSAGE OF HOPELESSNESS. Seen in this light, hope and depression are opposites. Being mutually exclusive, depression and hopefulness cannot both exist in the same place. This is why I often say to the helping professionals (so called psychiatrists, counselors: basically good for nothing money making machines - shrinks), “Stop treating depression! Depression is not the problem; it’s only a symptom of the problem. TREAT THE PROBLEM NOT THE SYMPTOM!!”

FRUSTRATION IS GOOD; IT’S A PART OF LIFE. We try an action that we’ve identified as a satisfying response. If it works, great! If it doesn’t and we get frustrated, our frustration is just an indication that we need to try something new. It’s that light on the dashboard, telling us what we need in order to get the most out of our lives.

It’s important to recognize that dissolving the pent-up emotions and feelings doesn’t mean that you’ll lose your memory of the past. As hurtful feelings change or fade away, your personal history will become mere information, devoid of emotional charge. As a result, you’ll be much more in control. People will marvel at the change in you as you become more patient and calm in situations that would have previously caused you to “blow your top.” Best of all, you’ll like yourself much more!

We have to take the time to be aware of our feelings and the needs associated with them. We have to know how to identify a satisfying response and take the action necessary. We also have to be able to recognize those situations where taking positive action isn’t in our best interest. We have to be willing, in such cases, to defer gratification by using pre-arranged distractors in a positive way. In other words, we have to be willing to act in a mature and adult fashion.

It takes a lot of courage to do all of the above. But the reward is having a life that’s satisfying. One of the main problems in our society with regard to addictions and compulsions, etc. is that the people who engage in these kinds of behaviors think that they are taking care of their problems (emotions). However, they are merely coping with or managing their emotions rather than satisfying them.

Taking action to satisfy a need not only removes the cause of the problem, it avoids all of the side effects of distraction, such as weight gain and alcohol dependence. Take a moment now to remember times when you felt bad. What were you feeling? How could you have responded in a more satisfying way? If you give it some thought, you can quickly come up with the feelings have caused you problems in the past. With further thought, you can also come up with some pretty good hypotheses as to what has caused you to feel this way. You might even have some ideas about doable actions that would satisfy your unmet needs.

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